Max Rijken

Interaction Designer

I consider myself as explorative with a hands-on mentality, what I love is the multidisciplinary aspect of designing. The combination of strategy, researching and prototyping with a strong user focus is what keeps me going. I am not afraid of challenges, getting to know my target group or exploring new disciplines and software.

Throughout the years I gathered a useful set of methods to guide the design process and tools to show concepts. I strongly believe in the responsibility that designers have towards society, we design the products that are used tomorrow.

My background

Education & Skills

TU Delft

Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft is a breeding ground for first-class designers. It is a multidisciplinary study, where students learn about every aspect of product design.

Retail & Interior

TU Delft's BSc architectural minor, in combination with courses like Lighting Design, taught me the more expert skills of designing interior concepts for retail industry and office environment.

Interaction Design

Skills required to design for interaction are ergonomics, aesthetics, interaction design, psychology and sociology. Key during my MSc is User-Centered-Design and conducting user research.

Brand Experience

Both TU Delft's MSc elective courses, as experience gathered during internships, provided me with a theoretical overview of brand elements and marketing activities that can be used to build brand equity.

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