Empowering People
MSc Course

"Challenging tool for high school students to explore their political identity"

About this project

In the project Exploring Interactions students work on analysing and conceptualising human-product interaction, or put another way: the way in which people use, understand and experience products.

The challenge for students is to design an innovative product or, in this case, a product-service combination, through which a specific empirical effect is achieved. The students use this theme at the beginning of the project to formulate their own design objective from the perspective of curiosity and initial discovery. On the basis of an analysis of present interactions, the students then formulate a vision for the experience-oriented qualities of new interactions, create designs for these and test their designs within this context.

The EYS DICE is a physical cube that connects with the user through a smartphone application. This connection can be made with the implementation of the augmented reality function by using Layar. The name EYS comes from Explore Your Side. High school students are challenged to think first before giving an answer, to take a look at the point of views from different political parties on different topics. This is done by showing them educational movies that can be accessed by scanning the dice.

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