Bent(w)o Box

Zen & the Art of Design

"Redesign a ritual"

About this project

We all have small daily rituals that guide our existence. The way you get out of bed, followed by the way you take a shower. Your coffee break at work, the exchange of presents during Christmas, the eating of a biscuit with sugar sprinkles when a child is born, all those smaller or bigger, formal or informal rituals can make a moment more special. Routine is broken, social interactions are guided; the sheer quality of existence is enhanced.

There are many fields where we have lost the basic qualities of life, too hasty as we are to live it. Think of the consuming of fast food instead of a meal of fresh ingredients at a well-laid table, think of playing computer games instead of board games. Think of emails instead of hand written letters in colorful stamped envelopes, think of preparing your own jam or smoking your own fish, instead of buying it. And how about baking your own bread?

Many qualities have gone lost, and perhaps it is time to treat the lost accompanying rituals like we treat endangered species! We ourselves are the endangered species in this respect.